Thursday, July 3, 2014

How Could They, How Can He?

I'm sure you are tired of my fixation on President Obama of late; know I am, but here I am at it again! It is so bad with me I can't even watch him take that little hippity-hop jog of his up the steps to a podium or mounting or dismounting his Air Force and Marine aircraft without taking offense! But, watching him deal with benign social issues, fund raising, golfing, posing and posturing, while America burns has me apoplectic! In a resent televised photo op after a meeting he had with House and Congress leadership,  I had all I could do to contain myself. There they sat smiling, preening, cajoling-, just five old Washingtonian friends and neighbors passing the time of day; so secure and comfortable in their lofty political offices.., so full of themselves, good ole Barry, Harry, Nancy, John and Mitch. The Establishment! How can they do that? It really makes you stop and think, does it not? If so diametrically opposed on every issue as they claim to be, how can they sit in the same room and exchange pleasantries? Or, are they so diametrically opposed on every issue? Is it more a case of our Washington based governing bureaucracy first, the welfare of we the people a distant second! The agenda, the perpetuation of the Washington establishment, a clandestine cabal at all cost, no matter the party affiliation! The discord histrionics merely feigned political theater, the means to serving that perpetuation? This is what it has come to for me....I'm so jaded my conspiracy suspicions run rampant! But then again when our President announces he is going to resolve our Country-Without-Borders dilemma through presidential degree (and we all know what that means-, whole sale amnesty with a turn-stile mentality remaining at the borders) without legislative due process, I'm back on his case!  All the while Benghazi, the ISIS emergence, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Ukraine, etc; a faltering economy, the ACA scam, a staggering national debt, burgeoning welfare and unemployment roles, the VA and IRS scandals, etc issues reaching  critical mass. There was a time I thought Barack Obama was a good man gone politically amuck, a victim of poor childhood, adolescence, and adult influences, a man that when great opportunity was thrust upon him, as it came to pass, would rise to the occasion, mend and mind his ways, realize the greatness of our country. If in his unlikely ascension alone, would respond with humility and gratitude to do well by his country. That has proven not to be the case. His character apparently so deeply flawed, his being so committed to his often stated and vigorously pursued cause, that of fundamentally changing the face of America-, that no amount of pain or destruction inflicted in the process will persuade him otherwise! His attitude, I am the President, ipso-facto my will, no matter how pervasive will other words, the hell with you, your constitution, your country, your society if you think the contrary! "So sue me" you say.....,how presidential Mr President!

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