Thursday, August 30, 2012


Interesting, if you watched the RNC on any channel other than Fox you got a running rebuttal and/or criticism of the presiding party's agenda, it's presenters, it's commentators, it's speakers, at every break opportunity. If you did watch it on Fox, you got amplification and praise of the conventions substance and tenor during those same breaks! I'll leave it to you, as to which was the more enlightening, the more up lifting.
Nothing new here, the biased media performing as expected! However the Grand Old Party, in my estimation, it's 2012 Romney/Ryan ticket, along with an array of diversified
relatives, friends, and a throng of enthusiastic supporters preformed admirably. sending a message that the DNC can only hope to mitigate come September. A closing comment, if the Democrat's impression of a strong woman is the likes of their
convention's Chairperson Debbie Wassermann Shultz, who again in my estimation,would have noticeable paled in comparison to the presence and acumen of Connie Rice, Susana Martinez and Ann Romney. to name but a few of the RNC woman speakers! There is much more to simply proffering "I am woman"! and posturing
accordingly, than to actually have proven your mettle in strife and handicap; to rise above the fray in conspicuous accomplishment!

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