Monday, August 27, 2012


Look out you Democrats, you Republicans..., you Whatevers! I suspect many of your causes are being thwarted if not subverted from within by your own thought to be faithful advocates! Touting an all inclusive clandestine "New World Movement", as the final solution to the world's problems ( Progressives they call themselves and they have been around a long time!)! These Progressives, these Globalist; their associated members of the Military/Industrial Complex, the cabal of International Bankers, many, not all mind you, covertly and insidiously organizing to diminish individual liberties, to progress an oligarchy of borderless Socialist States controlled by a centralized financial
institution! Thomas Jefferson and James Madison forewarned us of this potential at our nation's founding. Some of our Presidents to follow, the likes of Lincoln; of the more modern era: Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan spoke of this New World Movement
suspiciously as being a real threat to our Republic, to our American way of life! The operative phrase, New World Movement... listen for it. It's forums of advocacy other than of late our very own Congress: the United Nations, the European Union (how's thatgoing for them?). Can you recall what the USSR stood for? And watch out for the often proposed North American Union, or a more insidious union for the further dilution of the USA's prominence, the AU, the Americas Union, or the WHU, the Western Hemisphere
Union. How does that sit with you, being a citizen of North America or the Western Hemisphere as opposed to Americans, United States of America, Americans!

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