Monday, August 13, 2012

Candidate/President Obama

No, in the beginning I did not believe Candidate for President Obama was a bad choice, a bad man! At worse I thought he was inexperienced, perhaps somewhat naive,and caught up a little to much in our country's "politically correct" obsession. No more!
Now President Obama and his hand picked advisors and "czars" as he ironically enough calls them-, his administration as a whole are subversive to everything this Democratic Republic of ours stands for! I now believe, all along he and his acolytes had
a carefully crafted, well hidden agenda ( again ironically, that he readily admitted to, if only we were listening) that of fundamentally changing these United States of America as we know it. Little did we realize that change meant Socialism, if not Communism as our governing order! The dream of his father! And, effecting that change in a rapid transformation through deliberately ignoring, if not conspiratorial interpretation/
misinterpretation of our Constitution! Those of us who saw this election and presidency as one of Democrat vs. Republican; Conservative vs. Liberal, had missed the point! It is a case of Capitalism vs. Socialism, of our Democratic Representative Republic ruled by it's Constitution vs. a centralized socialist government bent on it's interpretation of equality for all, with limited individual freedom for life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness!l What have we wrought?

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