Wednesday, August 29, 2012

International Reputation

Are any of you as sensitive as I am to President Obama's plummeting international reputation as a world leader, yet further degrading the prestige of the United States in
the process! His intent appears to be one of evolving our nation's global presence, to be more passive, more ecumenical, more conciliatory, as opposed to his perceived distorted Teddy Roosevelt American persona.." speak softly and carry a big stick". In that regard he has succeed beyond anyones wildest imagination! Unquestionably we are perceived a lessor power under his tutelage and leadership than ever before. Our formidable military is now seen as impotent under his command, uncertain of it's tactics and strategies, hesitant in it's actions and reactions to threats and crises! We are regularly rebuffed by lessor rogue nations, our motives questioned by our former allies; seen as uncertain in our awkward, fugitive diplomatic procrastinations, a slave to political correctness; our fiscal instability distracting, our global trade incentives and treaties near ground to a halt! The America of our ancestors, of our fore-bearers, seemingly lost forever in being mitigated by ensuing generation's of questionable character, resolve, and citizenship. To add insult to injury now seen led by a consummate Socialist, apologist, appeaser of our detractors, proponent of equality for all, freedom for none, Barack Hussein Obama!

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