Friday, August 17, 2012

Running Mate

So what did you think of Romney's choice of Ryan as his running mate? Personally, I feared the worst, that he'd take the: "how can I garner the most votes"route in his selection. I was pleasantly surprised when he didn't, but rather went with the
strongest, most outspoken proponent of fiscal responsibility! To me he sent a clear message: balancing the budget would be a priority of his administration and he chose the best man to help him get the job done! Certainly not the most politically expedient choice, considering the supposed closeness of the presidential race itself, but a telling and meaningful commitment to solving a problem, if not the most important problem his
administration will face, that our nation must face! Paul Ryan will know his place and purpose in the scheme of a Romney administration, he will be the presidents go-to-guy on all things budgetary, as it should be! And, in my estimation, in hearing his arguments no one is better equipped or qualified! And tell me, why is it we appear more concerned over how Governor Romney spends and manages money he has earned than we are about how President Obama is spending and managing the money we have earned!

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