Wednesday, February 20, 2013


He claims he is a champion of the middle-class? Give me a break! He is destroying the middle-class! In his socialist lexicon there is but one class other than the governing bureaucrats and their military-industrial complex compatriots, and that would be us the WBC i.e. *Worker Bee Class. To me this insect definition fits our plight: those genetically programed to work their asses off! And least I forget to mention the non-participants in the scheme of this class genre, those defying classification, the ubiquitous welfare and entitlement recipients, the benefactors of the government's boundless generosity at the expense of the WBC's toil and sweat. Those wards of the state, so to speak-, to a large degree those lacking both the ambition and self-esteem to participate in our free enterprise system.This class construct can not and will not stand, it has failed repeatedly through out the annals of history! The tipping point: when the needs of the government in support of it's wards exceeds the ability of the WBC to sustain their dependency.The rich will have moved on to more fertile fields of endeavor and investment, while we the Worker Bees grow distraught and weary under the yoke of big government's monetary oppression, and finally resist...,for better, or maybe worse I might add. It's always the ignored elephant in the room during resent political debates: who is going to pay for a government of required size to mismanage ( that's what they do!) and fund all these government programs as well? Isn't any one doing the arithmetic or are you all just taking the word of those sterling mathematicians: Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. By the way, that is a near 17 trillion dollar elephant they are ignoring, in case you've forgotten, haven't noticed or lost count!

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