Thursday, February 14, 2013

What am I missing?

What are you doing to us you GenX/Y'ers Where did we of the preceding generations go wrong in failing to instill in you a sense of country, of patriotism; an appreciation for the freedoms and liberties we have enjoyed for so long; the accomplishments, and benevolence our country has shared with the world, the environment that allowed us to provide for you so well! How have you managed to bring us full circle from a government of the people, by the people, for the people to a government of career politicians separate and apart from the people, a government imposing it's will on the people for the furthering of it's own agenda of social, economic, and commercial reform! Reforms when enacted will empower a central government to dictate through ownership and regulation all aspects of our society; curtail all individual rights and freedoms that might obstruct those reforms! How can the polls so overwhelming advise the majority of you take exception to the direction the country is going in, yet overwhelming agree President Obama who has taken us in that direction is without blame, and worst deserved a second term to raise yet more havoc. Is it just this celebrity thing I have alluded to before, can you be that shallow! Of course you listened to his State of the Union discourse yesterday? What did you think...if at all? I thought: Oration over substance! The posturing, the clever mention of near all our vexing problems with nary a mention of plausible solutions, lies upon lies ! Where are the fact checkers to call him to task? Yes, he and his peerless administration promise to address those problems with the same vigor, vitality and intelligence demonstrated in his previous term-, undoubtedly  with the same results I fear!  And can anyone believe him when he says, "Nothing I'm proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime." I leave you with a vexing problem of mine, Barack Obama's supposedly "star quality" his "celebrity status". What am I missing? Admittedly he wears a suit well, is good looking if not a handsome man, reads well. But, doesn't his questionable credentials, lack of accomplishment, his failures give you pause, his arrogant, pompous air grate on you, his condescending mannerisms want to smack him up along side the head! Justin Bieber has the same affect on me, but for heavens sake this is the president of the United States I'm talking about here! This is a man hell bent on destroying America as we know it, and you are mesmerized with his celebrity, his charisma, his promises of a free-lunch at the cost of your freedoms; in acknowledging your children and children's children are going to be saddled with an inordinate tax burden of his making, before they earn their fist penny? He is stifling us and all we've ever been, or ever will be, and you are letting him do it! What's the matter with you?

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