Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Accepting the Inevitable

The straw that broke Ole Tom Swift's spirit, and the reason why I grew silent this past week or so, it was that 60 Minute Steve Kroft interview of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I all but gagged at their fawning all over each other, of their total dismissive attitude for the reality of our flawed international presence and its consequences, or perhaps I should say lack of presence. I kept saying to myself are these people in the same universe? And it hit me,of course they are, they are our President and Secretary of State for-crying- out-loud, who would, or should be more attuned to the reality of our international presence and it's importance!  Sad! Their smugness, their  denying  of any culpability in our ineffectiveness to respond to the violation of our foreign embassies made me reel in disbelief! This wasn't the two most accountable people responsible for the formulating and maintenance of our international policies coming before us to explain a series of diplomatic disasters, but two smarmy politicians telling us not to worry we've got everything under control-, the thin "Trust me" narrative of our political left on every conceivable issue this country faces both domestically and internationally. Don't deal with the facts, the numbers, the precedence just trust us! Yeah right! It's always smoke and mirrors, slight of hand, misdirection...profound failure, the establishment of new norms until hell won't have it! 

You know, my kids keep telling me the only way we are going to beat this regime is to get a cool front-man who has the charisma, the guile to capture the hearts and minds of the woefully uninformed electorate-, but with just enough intelligence to know we must preserve the basic precepts of this American Republic of ours, or all is lost!  Shallow thinking I thought-, its the substance of that person, the merit of his or her vision of what our nation is, and can yet be that wins the day! Now for good reason I'm having second thoughts...Maybe it is all political theater, and our performing thespians and/or our script has not been up to Academy Award standards. Perish the thought but I fear that's what it has come too! Celebrity over substance!

So OK, as many of you have requested (thank you for that) I'll blog on: preach to the choir, but on fewer occasions than before in recognizing the majority of you have spoken! I have accepted the inevitable....until further notice, in my mind we American's of yore are over! Television, the movies, the main stream media, literature-, the government of course; even the Super Bowl half time shows, constant reminders the parade has passed me by-, politically, morally, culturally and it's obviously not for me to say for the worst.

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