Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Die is All But Cast

It now becomes so blatantly obvious and ominous: The potential death knell of The United States of America will toll Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 if the Democrats can sustain their 2012 presidential election momentum in the Senate (33 seats of 100 will be contested), and the House (435 seats to be contested) mid-terms! It will toll loud and clear, for the country, for the world to hear and take heed. The United States, as we/they knew it, will be over! Given free rein in the remaining two years of his second term, President Obama most certainly, through both House and Senate gains and his penchant for unabashedly exerting executive privilege will complete his decimation of our Federal Republic to be replaced by a Socialist Republic with but a hint of democratic order (The Constitution be damned!). I say but a hint of democratic order in as much as the liberal/socialist faction of the Democrat party, lead by President Obama's commitment to government control of all social and economic affairs of consequence, will have been near completed; our course to socialism laid in, our destiny pre-ordained! 236 years of unprecedented freedom, prosperity and accomplishment, done us sunder, by an eight year reign of a socialist despot! If we continue our ways, two years hence we are "gone baby gone"! And what is so frustrating to me, is it appears all to many of us have no appreciation of what we had, what made us who we are, the opportunities and freedoms afforded us to be who we are..., what we are about to do! This "taker" mentality, of an inordinate number of our citizenry is such an anathema to me, to those of my generation, I truly struggle with how can it be! What happen to us? And why this president's supporters are so adamant that his opposition is at fault for our country floundering in a malaise of domestic and foreign mismanagements and he is not-, defies comprehension. What has he done to deserve such misplaced loyalty? Again, how does it go: "... have eyes but can not see, ears but can not hear..."

I had great hope for the Simpson/Bowles budget compromise, only to have President Obama reject it out of hand! What was I thinking! My advise to House and Senate leaders Boehner and McConnell don't even consider giving a foot in these budget negotiations when this President of ours has no intention of giving an inch. Bring on the Sequester!

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