Monday, February 11, 2013


Are you listening to this misdirection, are you buying it? In support of continuing exorbitant welfare expenditures, entitlement excesses, we hear the all to familiar narrative: we can't deprive our needy, our destitute from the bare necessities of life; assist those who desperately need and deserve our assistance, and oh those poor children and undocumented immigrants that will suffer so...,it's the humanitarian thing to do, the American thing to do (taken from the Joe Biden testament of idiocy)!The wealth redistribution advocate's subterfuge! Never do we hear how low the threshold is to qualify for such favors, the limits of those favors, their obligations in receiving those favors! Oh no-, they only hear how easy it is to get on the dole and stay on it! Are their needy requiring our assistance, of course their are, but, to this extent and proportion to the rest of us? As vigorous as our government is in levying and collecting taxes it is in indiscriminately granting hand-outs! And don't you believe it for one moment the margin of error in the administration of those hand-outs is tolerable in being judiciously monitored and disciplined, because it is not! Budget cuts of societal consequences are being portrayed as both unnecessary and mean spirited when in reality they are the crux of our moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility. Socialism is insidious in it's persuasions you dolts! Again I say, we are near broke yet we insist on portraying ourselves as Daddy Warbucks! Generosity to that extent is not just around the corner, it's going to take generations if ever to just climb out of this 17 trillion dollar hole we have so blithely dug for ourselves! When former President Obama resides in his Hawaii estate four years hence, basking in the accomplishment of realizing the dreams of his father, far from the chaos he had wrought on the contiguous United States, I wonder if he will reflect favorably on the gullible sheep he left behind! Will their be a day of reckoning, of course their will be, the vagaries of economic cycling will demand correction one why or another, but will the United States emerge as the country it was in stature and reputation? I fear we have been irreparably damaged! The "Great Divider" has left his indelible stain on Americana for decades to come!

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