Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quiet Please

Would you actors and/or whatever might be celebrities, please shut-up on sharing your political values with us, and just entertain and celeb (whatever that means)! Know we appreciate your tax deductible contributions to worthy charities for the most part, but please enough of this political pontificating from your all too lofty media soap box! It offends in our knowledge of your over the top salaries, palatial estates, living large and reckless life styles; many of you taking up residence, even citizenship abroad; sheltering your American gained wealth in every nook, cranny and trust available to man-, all your prerogative I might add. But please spare us the sanctimonious dribble from your distorted perspective! I find myself making entertainment decisions based on a performer's political views! I'm to understand I've missed a lot of good movies lately! What a sorry state of affairs!

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