Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Pause That Didn't Refresh

I had hoped if I just took a deep breath, stepped back a bit from this whole chain of troubling events; be a little less spontaneous in my reactions, take the time to be more analytical in my appraisal of what has happen/didn't happen, I would be able to gather my wits about me and make better sense out of the circumstances surrounding these national and international debacles of ours. It's not going to happen people! To me it is what it is, no matter how much time I put into analysis. I still conclude our government has run amuck! If anything I grow more convinced than ever-, you, me, the whole damn country is going to hell in a bushel basket! What we see, "they" don't see! What we know as fact, they see as fiction! What we understand to be imminent, they see as eventual! What we see as inviolable, they see as vulnerable! "We", "they" are miles apart-, if there is any middle ground it's infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things. And I can't see any opportunity for compromise either. We are diametrically opposed to each other on near every issue of real consequence.The special interest groups of our society are so adamant, so organized, so viral in their demands for affirmative action in  their behalf; our liberal Democrat led government so willing to accommodate them disproportionately to the means and sensibilities of our middle class undemanding private sector working stiffs-, the die is cast! And this morass extends to our international psyche as well:  we are being told we are no longer to be thought of as exceptional, as the leader of the free world, but rather just one of many among the community of nations; choosing to lead from behind, if to lead at all; limping along in a socioeconomic stupor of our own making.Yes along the way we might manage to make a point or two, win a debate, even an election from time to time, but in the final analysis the deck appears to be stacked against us. Apparently there are just more of them than there are of us, they have amassed an irresistible force! Once again I find my self ready to throw in the towel. My patients grows thin waiting to see some evidence of an American revival, some semblance of a Patrick Henry 1775 spirit. Someone espousing in do many words: Give me back my America of old or give me death!  He (Patrick Henry) advised in his day, we are engaged in a great and arduous struggle for independence, today we are again engaged in a  great and arduous struggle, now for the preservation of that America he held so dear, that America that assured us in it's Bill of Rights: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So where is our Patrick Henry conviction, his passion for this 2013 struggle of ours, for America's very survival!

Dr Ben Carson's analogy of our government's status says it all.., like so many of we undisciplined humans it has grow chronically obese, obese to the point it can't get out of it's own way. It's insatiable appetite so ravenous, nothing is beyond it's excessive self indulgence for yet greater sustenance (revenues), greater control of that sustenance's source (we the people). Nothing short of a  drastic diet and extensive surgical intervention (cost cutting) has any potential to stifle it's gorging on our tax dollars. No question government, an efficient limited government is required and mandated to fulfill the essential federal functions prescribed by our constitution, but to the proportion and extent it is today, usurping the rights of the states and its citizenry in debilitating taxation, oppressive legislation, intimidating surveillance and fiscal irresponsibility -, tyranny pure and simple! And know, going along with Dr Carson's analogy: as much as this gluttonous administration tries to divide us on our ethnicity, their cause celebre social issue of the moment-, their shameless promotion of Socialism, in appeasing a dependent lazy citizenry with welfare and entitlements; persuading our elected politicians to legislate accordingly has created a viscous circle of means to justify a destructive end! Those citizens, those politicians are successfully changing the face of America from a nation of ambitious doers and makers to a nation of lethargic takers! Can ignorance be that uncaring, that blissful? Something to ponder this 4th of July 2013!

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