Friday, June 7, 2013

I Continue to Bleat Like the Rest of the Sheep

"They" enabled by us, have usurped our constitutional rights, put us on the path to socialism, besmirched our international reputation, deflated our economy, lowered our standard of living, corrupted our morals, agitated our differences, compromised our loyalties, deflated our self-esteem as individuals, as a nation-, all seemingly in the blink of an eye! Are we not witnessing the perfect liberal/socialist storm as I recently described it: the confluence of corruption, mismanagement, inept leadership and complacency! Who are "they"? They are our unscrupulous, unprincipled, self-serving politicians and their miss titled public-servant groupies! Do you not cringe in witnessing this political theater being played out in our halls of government! This is not a passing thing we are witnessing, but a protracted deep seated systemic problem that if not corrected is going to accelerate our decline as a nation as a society. What are we thinking,,,. If we are thinking at all! As an example, perhaps epitomizing this premonition of mine, that of our government turning predatory on us: A fellow conservative made this cogent comment to me yesterday, reference Obamacare...." Once again, the concept of "fairness" as proposed by the liberal democrats is "lousy healthcare for all" except, of course, our elected officials. Access to care will suffer, quality of care will suffer and medicine will be dumbed down as more "mid-level providers" will be required to serve the needs of an expanding Medicaid population and a shrinking physician base. Congratulations to President Obama and his minions, as intended they are about to destroy the greatest healthcare in the world, foisting it upon the lowly masses while maintaining the highest quality of care for themselves!

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