Monday, June 3, 2013

His Popularity Baffles

Come on, doesn't this President of ours at least give you pause in his actions and inactions these past four years. Would you cut him as much slack if he was not a man of color? Has our political correctness dumbed us down to that extent? Hell, as I said awhile back, we had no compunctions about running Tyrannical Dick out of town, impeaching Slick Willie! What's with this tolerance for Celebrity Barry! True I'll admit it is confounding to witness his legions fall on their swords for him; conceal his deft hand in carrying out their part in his diabolical social agenda; to cover-up his international blunders; to blindly fall in lock-step with his every distortion of what America is all about; sharing his feigned compassion for the "little people"; lifting the imaginary yoke of oppression, he claims levied by the greedy capitalist, the rich; promoting government intervention as the solution to all our problems. Problems he has not only sponsored, if not promoted, but championed and continues to champion now in this second term you've so blindly awarded him! You can't tell me he has not been knowingly and unabashedly enticing you to languish about in one form or another of welfare addiction, of entitlements; to be morally less than you can be in dividing your loyalties to country and state in promoting social biases-, all to expressly garner your vote! Hello, what are you thinking? Do you really see our country, our society so flawed, your lot so desperate to deserve the governing overhaul this aspiring despot envisions for us. Really! Look around you, what do you see? Our society is crumbling, our enemies are emboldened in our impotence, our economy faltering, our personal freedoms and liberties under attack, our standing government, his administration's integrity highly suspect! With all due respect what?

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