Thursday, June 20, 2013

Venting My Frustration....

Do we really understand the psyche of this President, of this Democrat Party? In our conventional conservative thinking have we overlooked the real possibility they are out to do our country harm in maliciously fostering their own brand of a "palace takeover" a subversion of we the people, these United States of America? I tell you of late these "carrying-ons" have given me pause, the unsettling feeling that something sinister is happening. I never thought myself naive, always feeling I had a grasp of how the game is played and when, and if I was being played, but my interpretation of the rule's of the game appears to be doing me asunder.The absence of any semblance of scruples, of a baseline of common decency and honesty, has me flummoxed. Are there any rules? Worst there doesn't appear to be any desire to be more discrete, more ethical , more circumspect, more truthful. When discretion and honesty are questioned, the crassness and hyperbole is just ramped up another notch or two to lend further confusion and angst. No apology rendered, no truth check demanded. Ugly stuff this, a swamp of innuendo, deception and boorish behavior. Not only is there no discernible code of honor, a bond of common decency among men, but a prevailing sense of-, do on to others before they do unto you! Few seem to be willing to give his or her adversary the benefit of the doubt, his or her adversary the time to recant, to reconsider in retrospect before launching a retaliatory act of their own in equally harsh words and/or offensive deeds. And if one does take a step back, it is perceived as a sign of weakness, an opportunity to inflict yet greater harm and injury by the more aggressor. And to complicate our search for truth and honesty in one another, in our governance we react like mice in a labyrinth of false passageways destined to endless, fruitless and frustrating forays down thought to be paths of escape; poked and prodded in one direction or another along the way by gifted protagonist of political satire! What to believe, who to believe perplexes us in our seemingly daily challenge to ferret out the truth, in trying to find our way back to the America of our fathers, our forefathers! We appear to be in the grip of a would-be totalitarian government, that's got us by the neck and is shaking the life out of us.

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