Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trust Us

You've got to be kidding me! Again let me identify those we are suppose to trust: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pilose, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Feinstein, Dick Durban, Barbara Boxer, Jay Rockefeller to name but a few near nefarious shakers and movers that come to mind in the ruling Democrat Party. By appearance, body language and rhetoric alone you've got to admit they do not present a noble portrait of governance! I'm just saying. However, in deed who can say they have not covered themselves with a disturbing aura of indifference to the dire straights our country is in. They appear to have an almost caviler attitude in ignoring the substance of our trials and tribulations; a surmise if we would just trust them everything would miraculously work out for the better. Forget about these "little bumps" in the road of late, they say. Everything is going to be swell if we conservatives would just stop being such obstructionists. Pass the Cool-Aid I say! They just move blithely from one catastrophe to the next: deflecting, denying, spewing disinformation, misinformation, fostering deception and division; while chiding us for our lack of foresight, of our improper perspective, of our pettiness, of our political incorrectness. And they do it with such aplomb and confidence too apparently mesmerize the uninformed, their dependents, the malcontents. That is not to say they do not have a cadre of capitulating RINO's to aid and abet their cause. The political hypocrisy of both partys makes my eyes water! What confounds me is what are they seeing that I'm not, that we are not? The numbers, the results of their machinations speak for themselves. Where is the up-side to this model of theirs? Their aim obviously socialism, with perhaps a democratic twist here and there to lend some degree of palatability, but never the less all out socialism no matter how you slice it: Big, ever overreaching government, practicing Keynesian economic theory; the collective as opposed to the individual holding sway over our fate..The very concept that made these United States unique, a leader and principal benefactor of the free world, being subverted from within. If successful our decline surely will pose a baffling mystery to the historians of the millennium to come. How could they, why would they, will be asked. What with all the preceding history advising them otherwise-, why? It's complicated, will be proffered by those attempting to fathom the evolution. When in reality, it wasn't complicated at all, it will be an act of shear stupidity. Simply a case of divisive and devious politicians thwarting the foresight and wisdom of our founding fathers. We were forewarned, forearmed by them in the provision of our Constitution, thought to be an impenetrable barrier to any attempts of subversion by those wishing to have us back-slide to the ways of our European leanings. We had successfully broken the mould, only to have in the passage of 250 years, this Republic, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all succumb to liberalism's-, socialism's sirens call!

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