Monday, June 17, 2013

Farm Bill?

If ever there was a scam being perpetrated on we the people, it is the sure to be the imminent passage of the so called Farm Bill. I forewarned you all, but a while back, look out for caveats, addendum's and tag-on legislation incorporated in bills unrelated to the bill's purported purpose and intent. At the time I was drawing your attention to emigration legislation being drawn. I for one was always under the impression the Farm Bill addressed farm subsidies, only to learn it is a depository for all sorts of potentially misappropriated funds, not the least being food stamps! And not a piddling amount to boot, some 80% of it's near one trillion dollar budget I'm told! How can that be? How can we say we've got to curb our spending, our indiscriminate welfare handouts yet abide by this slight of hand? Tell me John Boehner and the rest of you so called fiscal conservatives how can you allow that? My suspicion of all politicians grows more intense with each passing day. They count on our complacency our misplaced confidence in their judgement to do right by us, by our country, only to favor themselves and their special interest constituency in premeditated subterfuge of this sort. Only this shell game managed to distract me from the Democrats concerns in mustering the troops in support of the quintessential political hack, 38 year Massachusetts District 5 Congressman Ed Markey in his bid to replace John Kerry in the Senate. Difficult to conceive the conservatives could do worse than Senator Kerry as their Senate representative, but there you have it. Paraded before the Massachusetts electorate we've had no less than our President Barack Obama, to be followed by Vice President Joe Biden-,the piece de resistance the illustrious former President Bill Clinton. It is only gratifying to know here in the People's Republic of Massachusetts the Democrats feel so threatened that they have to pull out all the stops to thwart the aspirations of the Republicans fledgling candidate Gabriel Gomez! Do they know something we don't know?

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