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A More Insightful Tom Swift Here

Admittedly my blogs for the most part are spontaneous, right off the top of my head responses to inquiries, statements, circumstances; events offered, observed, promulgated and/or transpired one way or another by my liberal antagonists. However on occasion I am prompted to be more thoughtful, more introspective in my observations, more wordy-, this is one of those occasions. A long read for me, but hopefully one of substance and merit for you:

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the White house thinks that we the public are stupid, or at the very least, so overcome by attention deficit disorder that they can get anything past us.  We are sheep. And they may be right. Their consistent display of performance theater consists of denial, usually in the form of an outright lie, followed by amendment and outrage, followed by disinformation, followed by stalling that allows the story to drift back to page four, having been overcome by stories on the progeny of the British royals for example, until both the scandal driven media and the public have completely lost interest, at which time the story withers on the vine, or the ultimate discovery of wrongdoing is just not that damn interesting anymore.  As Peggy Noonan astutely observed, this administration is more interested in campaigning with virtually no interest in actually governing:

“Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate sinister entity that’s at the root of all of our problems.  Some of these voices also do their best to gum up the works.They warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices.”
--Barack Obama, May 2013 

Hypocrisy, thy name is Obama.We are in the midst of the slowest recovery in the history of recessions and yet, rather than seeking to grow the economy, this administration continues to bang the inequality drum and redistribute wealth.  Waxing philosophical on his future legacy, Obama and his media lap dogs are now touting “Republican obstructionism”, the latest sound bite in a campaign of deflection.  Whereas Reagan and Clinton sparked 3 to 4% rates of growth by crossing the aisle, cutting tax rates, and spurring business to grow and hire creating wealth for all, this administration continues to follow failed policy with more failed policy in an arrogant display of partisan politics, punishing business with punitive corporate tax rates and Obamacare penalties.The result is growth less than 2%, increasing food stamp rolls, increasing disability, continued unemployment, and a median household income that has plummeted during what is supposed to be a recovery.The middle class, Obama’s poster child for this recovery, continues to suffer under his policies while the scapegoated rich are doing just fine, thank you very much, with stock market rallies and easy money on artificially low interest rates. Obama stated himself that he believes in redistribution, the calling card of socialism, and he is reaping the rewards of failed policy as we mimic Europe’s slow descent into stagnation and social upheaval.  It is misfortune to be the first lemming off the cliff, but it is stupidity to follow the rest of the herd over the edge.

The assault on our Constitutional rights continues to be worrisome. Obama remains dismissive of border security and interferes in the southwestern states attempts to control their porous borders with Mexico.  Attorney General Holder, the highest ranking law officer in the land continues to behave abominably by inserting his Federal nose into Texas abortion laws (why is it that an abortion limit at 20 weeks is such an affront to a woman’s right to choose is beyond me.  If a pregnant woman can’t figure it out in 5 months, then abort them both…but I digress), voter ID laws (how is it racism to demand identification for the privilege of voting in the United States?), Arizona border security (another racial profiling situation whereby looking for Mexicans is profiling if you actually stop a Mexican, as opposed to say, a Swede?), Florida’s racially charged Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case (a jury found Mr. Z innocent….end of story, whether the AG agrees with it or not, even after the justice department helped fund protests).  All this after the phenomenal level of ineptitude in failing to acknowledge a screw-up of colossal proportion in the “Fast and Furious” debacle where guns were funneled into Mexican cartels in an attempt to sting American distributors, guns that eventually killed one of our own Border Patrolmen.  All brought to you by the same group of mental midgets that staged Ruby Ridge and Waco (that was of course the FBI and the BATFE under the Clinton administration and Janet Reno, but all justice department). And while on the gun subject, this administration continues an incessant assault on the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms by banning firearms in common use, firearms that statistically are used in a miniscule percentage of crime.  But this President never let actual facts or statistics get in the way of policy.  All in the name of the people, the public weal, the whims of the masses.  Our Constitution was specifically constructed to prevent just such a thing.  Our founding fathers warned of succumbing to “mob rule”, but the warnings of old white men have been set aside in the progressive zeal for “equality”. What’s old is new again.  Witness the following comments:

“These moral demands which the President places before every individual citizen of the United States, are also the quintessence of the German State philosophy which finds its expression in the slogan ‘The Public Will Transcends the Interests of the Individual."-Adolph Hitler 1934, praising then President Roosevelt for his efforts at restoring America’s economy by comparing Roosevelt’s governing philosophy to that of Nazi Germany.....Prompting: “We sought to sidestep the impression that the President was becoming a fascist” by Undersecretary Phillips, 1934 in his diary responding to Hitler’s comments.

The assault on our individual rights has been well documented. Our government spies on its citizens, tracks the telephone records of journalists and in California police are tracking the movements of innocent civilians with license plate trackers. Recent releases by the NSA have proven our worse fears realized, that ordinary citizens are now being tracked via the internet with the government analyzing our email correspondence, web sites visited and Google searches. Although dismissed as being banal information gathering and only temporarily cached, consider how much information about you can be garnered through analysis of your interests, habits, hobbies, acquaintances and correspondence. Should you visit a sporting goods store that sells firearms, search for information about hunting, contact your physician about treatment of a disease or substance abuse, converse unknowingly with a subversive or a drug dealer, search for a local mosque, send an email to family in Pakistan, research investment opportunities in foreign markets, contact your accountant about taking advantage of tax loopholes, have a picture posted of you at a party with a bong (Michael Phelps take note) or alcohol, join a conservative organization, contribute money to a conservative group, or just post a conservative blog……..are these key search words identified and tracked by the government? And if so, does that flag your email for further study or in cases that are well documented, subject you to harassment by the most brutal arm of government ever conceived, the IRS? And you cannot dismiss this as conservative paranoia.  This is reality, this is happening now, and the liberal establishment continues to dismiss the public’s concerns with the usual spate of finger pointing, misdirection, lack of responsibility, and ultimately the purposeful failure to release information in a timely fashion knowing the public’s attention deficit disorder and complicit mass media will cause us to become distracted by the next scandal.  Witness the IRS.  With over 13000 pages of documents flagged as potentially incriminating, the agency has released to date a mere 1500 pages, many of which are duplicates (Peggy Noonan, WSJ).  This leaves us with the unsettling feeling that in McCarthy-esque fashion, we are all under scrutiny by our own government, an environment that has in the past, led to no good. And it is all eerily familiar:

“One can evade a danger that one recognizes, but a police working in the dark becomes uncanny.  Nowhere does one feel safe from it.  While not omnipresent it could appear, search, arrest.  The worried citizen no longer knows whom he ought to trust.” -Historian Friedrich Zipfel, quoted in Gellately, 129, referring to the Gestapo in 1933*

"Let us not be sheep, lulled into complacency.That rarely works out to the benefit of the public. We have been down this path before, told by a voracious, expansive government that our concerns are trivial, and our needs will be satisfied by sacrificing a little freedom for security under the protection of an omniscient, all powerful state.  Let’s not allow history to repeat itself!" As quoted in  “In the Garden of Beasts”, Erik Larson, Random House 2011

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