Monday, August 26, 2013

Assad Aside

Let's not give this poseur an opportunity to go to war! No question he needs a major distraction to mask both his domestic and foreign debacles. And, Syria has all the ingredients for that potential, as it has all the ingredients for disaster! Whom are we to come to the aid of, the Hezbollah, the Sunni Jihodist, the Muslim Brotherhood? Who are our enemies then to be? And tell me are our actions to be precipitated and/or sanctioned by that august body, the U.N? I tremble in anticipation of your answers. I agree we can not just sit on our hands till the 2014 Mid-terms, the 2016 Elections to rid ourselves of this President's maniacal administration, but to afford the electorate a diversion to that end could be catastrophic! This strutting, pompous, arrogant president of ours is poised in my estimation to do us great harm in a last ditch effort to attach some semblance of accomplishment to his disastrous presidency (if only to be Carterian in stature). Once again in my estimation President Obama is capable of plunging us, if not the world into a self serving holocaust of biblical proportion! the commercial goes: Don't let President Obama plunge us, the world, into a holocaust of biblical proportion! 

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