Friday, August 9, 2013

Why Can't We See

To paraphrase our anthem: "O say can't we see by the dawns early light what we so proudly once hailed; that flag and country are going down the tubes...?" It's beyond me how we can so carelessly ignore the preponderance of evidence that as a country we are in great peril. By our own governments statistics, our economy, no matter how spun, unequivocally advises  we are in dire straights; our domestic problems appear near insurmountable; our international prestige seriously besmirched. Is it as simple as, the stupid are in the majority and are unaware or incapable of realizing the reality of it all, and in so empowered by their slim margin of numbers have the potential to do the rest of us in? My God what has happen to us! Unfortunately we know, don't we? We the concerned citizens of this country have become so divided and/or passive-, that we have become bystanders to our own imminent demise! Tell me how can anyone ignore: our unemployment, our anemic GNP, our poverty level, our national debt, our burgeoning welfare rolls, our falling standard of living, our shrinking once great middle-class, our governments domestic and international scandals: the IRS, NASA, Obamacare, misappropriation of stimulus funds, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc, etc... What is it going to take to convince our liberal Democrat and RINO brethren something is seriously wrong! Are our elected officials along with their cadre of so called public servants so entrenched in the bureaucracy of government that their personal interests of security and reward in their governing trumps the best interest of their country, of their constituencies-,  it certainly appears that way. If that is indeed the case, is it not reason enough for us to put our differences behind us and pose a united front in taking back our country? Come on people the clock is ticking loud and clear!

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