Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Do Go On

Aside from whether Edward Snowden is a well intended whistle-blower or a traitorous weasel, why should we be surprised Putin thumbed his nose at us over his harboring of this fugitive; further that al Qaeda is alive and well and still yanking on our chain, the cause for shutting down our embassies; that America, in spite of it's conspicuous military and economic might, is seen by it's adversaries as impotent. Why? Because we have demonstrated of late we are impotent! Our embassies in Libya and Egypt violated with impunity, our support of our steadfast allies faltering and dismissive; our UN presence mealy mouthed and submissive. And don't tell me we are tirelessly working behind the scenes, leading from behind, resolving our and others' international problems through diplomacy-, ameliorating all offended parties positions' fairly and equally. There is only one offended party here, only one party whose ambassador was killed, whose flag was desecrated, that was humiliated by inaction... that would be us-,The United States of America! I can't bring myself to cope with the frustration and embarrassment in being bullied by 2nd rate countries, disrespected by despots!  Everything just seems to be piling up on us, futility to do anything about it palpable. All we hear from near every quarter is the dire consequences of our government's inadequacies in dealing with both international and domestic affairs. The very same government that has blatantly demonstrated a penchant for misinterpreting our constitution, flaunting our laws, appeasing our enemies, mismanaging our economy, oppressing we its citizenry. I know I said it all profusely in my previous rant, but it just goes to show you how these circumstances stick in my craw! Admittedly I'm immersed in a liberal, socialistic, politically correct bubble here in the Northeast and unmercifully subjected to the terrains' distorted impression of an America to be-, and If so offended I should just bail out! But, my circumstances prevent that alternative. So there you have it, you are stuck with my whining!   

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