Friday, August 23, 2013

Shallow Scott Brown

So he chose not to run for the vacated congressional "Kerry Seat", further advising, nor is he interested in running for the governorship of Massachusetts in succeeding Deval Patrick. Both attainable goals, as judged by his party's political pundits. He is what he is however, a pretty, celebrity wannabe, a political dilettante. He lends a new dimension to being a flash in the pan in the scheme of Massachusetts' politics. A could have been, that never was or will be! He is the candidate on the block that seemingly has all the desirable attributes for greatness: looks, physical stature and presence, the boy next door easy going charm-, all superficial!  And let us not forget, a thought to be emerging formidable conservative politician with the potential to lead  Massachusetts out of it's quagmire of Democrat rule. As it turns out, all a charade, apparently his ambitions fulfilled in 15mins of fame in claiming the "Kennedy Seat" (a short lived accomplishment; Elizabeth Warren stuck an arrow in his ballon!). He has apparently had enough of "...the thrill of glory and the agony of defeat..." He is beyond all that now, he has risen to celebrity status: time to trade in on his model good looks; rest on his singular laurel!  And what of his loyal supporters you ask, those tireless campaigners, those Tea Party members who poured their blood, sweat, tears... and money into his tenuous candidacy for the Senate, all in great expectations of his championing their conservative aspirations for state, and country for years to come? What did they get for their effort-, his celebrity? Zilch, Nada! Jump in your pickup truck Scott Brown and get lost!

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