Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston's Own 9/11

Ironic is it not, the starting point of the 9/11 treachery, 12yrs. later finds Boston's Marathon desecrated by terrorism as well! This "New World" of ours is a strange and frightening place, where Oklahoma City, New York and Boston are no more immune to foreign or domestic terrorism than Beirut, Paris or London. There are angry dissidents among us without borders, without moral scruples, who are capable of the most heinous acts of violence! When innocents are targeted, "soft targets" as they are described, for their head count alone, no one is beyond their treachery! What is the source of this fanaticism, this vengeful hatred? You can blame it on our more liberal and violent culture, an obvious contributor, but the catalyst in my estimation is government, it's governors who initiate and enforce our laws, define the tenor of our morality and tolerance toward one and other's differences and proclivities-, distorted in their political biases! The "Golden Rule" lost in a deluge of self serving rhetoric and deeds, our humanity lessened in their imposed ambitions and greed! And here in these United States of America our empathy toward each other has waned considerably in the advent of our emerging culture of self serving takers, as opposed to benefactors, to followers, as opposed to independent thinkers, to diluted citizens of the world as opposed to Americans!

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