Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why Isn't Anyone Listening

Why aren't we being heard, there certainly are enough of us whining about this President and his Administration! Statistically we know as the electorate we are in the minority, but we are not overwhelmed; our numbers are legion. What then? I suspect the enemy within, and apathy! The so called Progressives have infiltrated our ranks with visions of a "World Order", taking our eye off the uniqueness and potential of our American-way of life, and a complacency that in due course everything will miraculously turn out for the better..,and probably a little bit of venal avarice to worsen the mix. Well, an ecumenical, all caring, all rectifying world order in the foreseeable future is simply not going to happen; as for everything will work out in the end, no it won't, look around you-, are things working out? Admittedly there is nothing I'd like better than to see President Obama hoisted on his own vanity and politically correct petard, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for it. His political guile has proven much too formidable; his supporters mesmerized with his thought to be inscrutable countenance, committed to his agenda, no matter the consequences. But isn't it ironic his agenda is diametrically opposed to everything these United States are all about; what these United States were always all about; what these United States were founded on, prospered by; its citizens fought and died for here and abroad. Only to be forsaken by generations since totally insensitive to those principals, those aspirations, those accomplishments, those sacrifices! America in it's decline emerging as the home of the dolts, the land of the ingrates! That's why we are not being heard!

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