Monday, April 15, 2013

Not Again

Ahh Korea, another miscalculation coming back to haunt us. In 1950 arguably our first attempt at going to war under the auspices of the UN, supposedly justified in the consensus of the members of that august world forum, titled a "police action". Near 60,000 American casualties later, an uneasy truce is contrived, where the instigator, the perpetrator North Korea was allowed to go unpunished and unrepentant to war another the very least to threaten to war another day! Hard to imagine a super power of our might and resources stymied by a 26 year old Kim Jung-Eun some 60yrs later, the very grandson of the same dictator we dealt with so unsuccessfully in 1950-, now threatens to nuke us if we intervene in his nation's plans to once again annex our protectorate South Korea! Is this what it has come to: have nuke(s) and will do you if our aggressions, our demands are not honored! "The Bomb" no longer a deterrent but an instrument of international blackmail! A test ballon? If successful I'm sure, the likes of Iran will be more than willing to emulate? In as much as the illegal proliferation of nuclear weapons has gone unchecked, how long do you think it will take for another rogue nation, even a fanatical unaligned criminal element to come by a nuclear device capable of bartering with the lives of thousands; laying barren landscape for political or monetary gain?

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