Friday, April 26, 2013

Taxes Galore

Anything made, anything bought or sold, any service rendered or received...soon no doubt, every breath you take so to speak, will be subjected to one or more town, city, county, state or federal contrived taxation! With their respective managements ever expanding, their rank and file's generous salaries and benefits sustained-, we can be assured there will be a scramble for creative new tax revenue for funding! The sources for that funding, that would be us, the tax payers! Forget about representation, forget about equity, forget about any semblance of quid pro quo. The agenda: nurture the insatiable beast, big government-, at any cost for any rhyme or reason! The essential component to realize that objective i.e to assure those taxes are levied and collected; the enabling politicians in power must stay in power! And how do they do that: sway the electorate accordingly. Sway? Can anyone spell entitlements a.k.a handouts, freebees! Do they see the "catch 22" here? Sure they do, it's short sighted on their part..eventually killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, but that has never been a deterrent to the anarchist, the socialist among us, the bottom feeders! It's defined as a contradiction in tactics: simply, the end justifies the means, albeit the end is the end of the society itself! So here we are in debt up to our ears, our financial demise eminent, with our current administration showing no inclination to curb our spending on behalf of the longevity of our society, our nation! The prevailing rationale, life is short so enjoy it for what it is, while it is! Never is there a consideration to tame the beast, curb it's insatiable appetite, In doing so, sap it's power and influence accordingly, it's stifling omnipresence in our society. What, risk the the chance of backlash from the state's wards, the kept-, breaking the vicious circle of patronage begetting power? Never!

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