Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Know Who You Are

Although highly unlikely that anyone being slopped at the public trough would be reading Ole Tom Swift's Conservative Slants, perchance allow me to admonish you! And, let me say you are not going to get a pass in the grace of the Great Shepherd "you no not what you are doing"! You know exactly what you are doing! You and your ilk are destroying the greatest democracy, the most productive, the most diverse, the most benevolent society, all things considered, known to man! In your self serving misguided agenda of equality for all: the indigent, the infirm, the criminal, the indolent, the perceived disenfranchised; their whatever surmised dependence, their whatever conjured up requirement for sustenance, subsistence and/or special entitlements has brought our country to it's knees in debt and social disorder! And I remind you not all of the afore mentioned are either entitled or appreciative of their government provided welfare at taxpayer expense. Milton Friedman got it right: A society that indiscriminately puts equality before freedom will get neither.You and yours have forsaken freedom, individual liberties for existence in a "nanny state", the propagation of a omnipresent government bureaucracy mandated to regulate your fate and mine from womb to tome. History has preordained the destiny of your choice; current events in Europe forebode it's dire inevitability. Generations to come will rue your countenance!

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