Friday, April 19, 2013

Truth Delayed Is Truth Denied

How can we believe anything this President of ours says! He postures, he pontificates, he preaches-, he lies through his teeth! When caught in those lies, he pleads misinterpretation, a lack of comprehension and vision on our part, or his most effective ploy..., no comment at all..., as if he never said it! The numbers he throws around defy credibility in their bias manipulation and deceptive conjecture! Yet there he stands a paragon of his own celebrity, a hands down winner of style over substance! How one can rise to this level of leadership and be so lacking is an anathema to me. He can't be naive enough to suspect he is so loved, so privileged, so above the fray, so right in his judgement, so oblivious to the disorder he has wrought; that he is beyond retribution here or the hereafter-, can he? What kind of man is this who defies the traditions, the constitution of a proven nation, an accomplished free society for the socialist pipe dreams of his father. Barack Hussein Obama is that man! And, who has facilitated this hypocrisy, tolerated this atrocity to that nation, our republic..., we the people! Worst, we appear far beyond a saving wakeup call! God help us.

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