Friday, April 5, 2013

National Public Radio (NPR) Rant

For those of you who do not suspect that the "progressives" continue to erode our conservative values and constitutional rights, witness the incessant barrage by NPR chipping away at traditional societal morals and values.  Now, I am not one to disparage your ability to present your point of view, but when a publicly funded organization uses my tax dollars to further a liberal agenda with the constant underlying message that somehow their position is "right" because they are intellectually superior to the simpletons, then something is truly awry.  This morning, in succession, NPR presented the following, and not with a true reporter's lack of bias, but with their distinctly left leaning spin:

First, and forever dear to all liberals is the issue of gun control.  NPR lauded Colorado and especially Connecticut who, after New York  rammed sweeping gun control measures down the throats of their citizens in the dark of night with no public discussion, they all seek to play oneupmanship politics for the title of "most restrictive gun control laws in the nation".  All  in the name of "common sense gun laws", those feel good and wholly ineffective measures that punish the law abiding and treat the entire citizenry like apartment dwelling Manhattanites.  It may come as some surprise to you yuppy sheep, but some of us live in regions where there is no 5 minute emergency response, there is no Starbucks on the corner, a post-office is an hour drive away and we actually have four legged varmints threatening our food supply and others that we choose to hunt. And does anyone out there with any common sense whatsoever think that registration of high capacity magazines (not the gun mind you...the magazine) will have any affect on gun violence? Of course not, but it will have an affect on you when registration turns into confiscation, as it inevitably does.  Sure, Obama can continue on the  stump with his rhetoric about not violating our Second Amendment rights. But leaving the Second Amendment as merely an intact document while simultaneously restricting ammunition, magazines, and a large class of firearms based on appearance leaves us with very few useful options with which to exercise those rights.  If the police cannot protect one of their own in Texas, what chance do unarmed law abiding citizens have against society's miscreants?  And don't even get me started on the success of sweeping gun control measures in places like Washington, DC and Chicago.  Our latest reports from Chicago have the pols giving us some "boys will be boys" excuse for cell-phone coordinated attacks on pedestrians on the Miracle Mile labelling it a "Flash Mob".  How culturally hip.  In my day that was referred to as "getting mugged". Coincidentally, all this gun control talk comes on the heels of Cyprus floating the idea that the government can legally "seize" 10% of your bank assets, bringing to mind the basic premise of the Second Amendment:  to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government.  Remember that premise.... because it will come back to bite us on our collective bottoms.

Second, and another liberal ideal, is the concept of wage "fairness", also known as "how come a non-skilled, undereducated, employee doesn't earn as much as a college educated executive with a finley tuned skill set".  Well.......duh. NPR rambled on about the disparity in wage increases between skilled workers and unskilled workers lamenting that the recent increases should be equally "distributed".  Alas, more wealth redistribution schemes from the liberals.  Shocking.  They started by noting the stock market surge, an increase in manufacturing, and an increase in hiring, all implying economic prosperity, but then swung the discussion to the question of why wage increases for unskilled workers have remained barely above inflation, whereas wages for skilled employees (read: those rich CEOs) have risen steadily.  In this case, NPR actually answered their own question.  There are plenty of unskilled workers seeking positions and many of them are currently in part time positions or remain unemployed whereas the market continues to seek skilled workers for positions that require specific training in a marketplace that continues to become more technologically advanced and automated. Supply and demand, basic capitalist principles that the liberals, and our President repeatedly fail to grasp.  Yet, on they drone about the "fairness" of wealth redistribution, progressive taxation, and entitlements.  How about self-worth through education, hard work, and living within your means as a topic for discussion? 

And last on our NPR program list, the subject that dominates the liberal media, that keeps our Supreme Court from doing anything truly productive, and somehow seems even more important than nuclear proliferation: Gays.  Now, I have heard statistics ranging anywhere from 3% to 10% for the amount of homosexuals in the general population, but seemingly they are everywhere lately.  And frankly, I don't give a damn.  I have the same reaction to heterosexuals flaunting their sexuality in public as I do the homosexual population:  Get a room.  Times may change, but standards must remain.  I don't care what you do, just keep it to yourself. Certain things should remain private between consenting adults regardless of your sexual orientation.  There is no need to advertise your sexual proclivities, especially in front of your 90 year-old Aunt May or a group of tourists from Peoria.  But I digress.  NPR was off again on the "fabulous" bandwagon touting the latest broadway production of "Kinky Boots" another distinctly gay Harvey Fierstein (he of La Cage aux Folles and the gravelly voice) production featuring a misunderstood drag queen who gains fame and fortune by producing fashionable shoes for, uh....other drag queens.  Seriously.  Now don't get me wrong, I find it all relatively amusing, and if you choose to subject yourself to the on-stage cavorting of exaggerated gay stereotypes, a distortion that the gay population peculiarly doesn't object to, then have at it.  But must NPR continue to bang the drum so loudly and conspicuously?  Does this type of programming appeal to the overwhelming majority of the taxpayers whose dollars support you?  I think not.  When such a flamoyant representation of a man dressed as a woman becomes merely a societal normal or, worse yet, is portrayed as a viable choice on how one should behave in civilized society, then we have gone a bit over the edge. On a personal note,  I will always remember vacationing in the Florida Keys some years ago.  While walking along the street in Key West holding the hand of my then eight year-old daughter, a 6 foot tall cross-dresser in a sequined gold mini-dress, a blonde wig and huge lucite spiked heels was handing out pamplets in front of a club in the middle of the day.  He (She?) handed me a pamphlet, I politely accepted, and he said thank you in a decidedly male voice.  My perceptive daughter waited until we were a short distance away and whispered: "Dad, I think that was a man".  I responded:"Yes, it is".  To which she responded: "Why?"  Why, indeed. 

So in short, it is not the liberal concept of gun control, misguided as it may be, the opinion that wealth should be redistributed according to a sense of entitlement and not merit, nor the celebration of gay culture that truly offends me. It is  NPR's incessant advancing of the liberal agenda that I object to.  Why must a publicly funded radio station be the mouthpiece for a decidedly biased, liberal view of the world?  Why is the media complicit in an all out campaign to move the goalposts and establish a new normal?  Why is a government sanctioned propaganda campaign continually an affront to my own personal beliefs, morals, ethics and constitutional rights, a campaign that seeks to indoctrinate the low information voter and particularly the youth into accepting a new normal?  With Europe as a window into a culture that results from questionable moral values, a complicit liberal media, punitive taxation, unsustainable government programs, unchecked immigration, and waning military might, perhaps NPR would better serve the public by reporting on this, the end game of their agenda.

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