Friday, May 31, 2013

Pay Attention

Beware of our legislators hidden agendas and "bill bundling" in the drafting of legislation, ....we the people should know specifically what our legislators are voting on!! There is a long list of such submerged and disguised "tag-along" legislation, where we the electorate may favor (or not) the passage of a given bill, only to find out it's main thrust has been augmented with provisions and/or bundled with other bills that can potentially negate,dilute or enhance the bills thought to be original intent-, sometime being completely afield from the bill's considered primary intent and purpose. This slight of hand legislator ploy to usually appease opposition, accommodate "pork" or support a hidden agenda is insidious. It is difficult enough to grasp the substance of any proposed legislation let alone have to cope with manipulative double-entendres and outright subterfuge! We become mesmerized by the rhetoric surrounding the thought to be essentials of the legislation only to miss the potentially altering attachments,the fine print that if ignored in law can bring on results totally unanticipated and conceivably contrary to our survey.This is deliberate people, it once again tells us what sheep they think we are! Remember Amnesty '86, Obamacare '10, other voluminous bills before and after that when enacted their altering caveats and additions raised havoc in their adherence or lack of adherence. Specificity, is the politicians nemesis; thereby provisions for wiggle-room, for swerve is common place in their legislation drafting techniques. Why this mention you ask-, be wary of the proposed amnesty legislation now moving to the House!

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