Monday, May 20, 2013

A Weekend of Frustration

Over the weekend I was both mesmerized and chagrined over the endless iterations of the House's hearings; the media's coverage of our government's miscues, inefficiencies and partisanship. Former Secretary of State's infamous comment on Benghazi "...what difference does it make..", and ousted IRS Director Steven Millers," Nothing bad is happening to me", stuck in my throat like a chicken bone! How dare they display such arrogance, such confidence in their immunity from punishment in their gross actions and inactions of negligence and incompetence! To me this sounds like a woman and man that knows where the bodies are buried and wields that knowledge with great aplomb.They rest assured like so many other political hacks before them, their careers as public servants, while perhaps momentarily besmirched, if they adhere to the party line will go on unimpeded to flourish another day in some nook and cranny of the bureaucracy. All the while we the people are being run around the may-pole in deception, deflection and deceit by our public officials, to the point of not knowing who to blame or believe! The bureaucrats so entrenched-, so gifted and practiced in double talk, innuendo-,so comfortability emerged in the muck and mire of the D.C malaise of government-speak; we are adrift in their sea of pollution! How gullible can we be, how long can we stand for such deception, such dishonesty? The fate of our country is at hand, must we wait for the mid-terms for that fate, quite possibly to be irrevocable cast?

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