Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sorry about that Miss Weissenborn

In response to resent detractors equating my blog persona to that of Elmer Fudd's frustration with Bugs Bunny's affronts; as well as a suspicion of inferior intelligence in my wanting syntax, grammar and spelling. On occasion a not so surprising surmise, I'll grant you. But, I had advised my shortcomings as the author of these conservative slants right up front in my blogging. I'm not proud of them, simply it is what it is! Admittedly these errors make me an easy target for my detractors when my arguments and observation warrant merit, but are not to their liking. So be it! And, yes I have chosen to err on the side of spontaneity, worsening the chances of these shortcomings manifesting themselves! However, feeling these blog burst of mine less contrived, more honest on my part then if copiously edited in forethought and afterthought. Again they are what they are! My high school english teacher's words come to mind: "I know what you are thinking Tom, I just wish you could write them down better!." I'm sure you know what I'm thinking! Hey, we are not dealing with comments for the ages here..., lighten up!

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