Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Has Our Government Turned On Us?

Do they really expect us to believe Benghazi is merely a Republican apparition of Democrat malfeasance, that there was no coverup, no misdirection on the part of this administration; that the Boston Marathon bombing was an example of Homeland Security's flawless efficiency in thwarting terrorism.., after the fact; that the IRS's overt acts of bias and intimidation against conservative speakers and supporters was low-level management instigated and perpetrated, sans the Demarcate Party leadership and White House influence?

Could it possible be, that our standing government has turned on us, that indeed Washington D.C has become the epicenter of our down fall. that our politicians have run amuck, consumed in covering their collected behinds and feathering their own nests; that they have successfully lulled us into submission in their political correctness subterfuge while systematically attempting to strip us of our constitutional rights to fight back? Are you not distraught over these endless politically motivated affronts where our politicians have demonstrated gross misjudgment, deliberate effort to deceive us, intimidate us, commit venal, immoral acts of indiscretion beyond the pale of random political theater against us? How can we not suspect that there is a sinister plot afoot to destroy our republic, our society for which it has stood and prospered through some premeditated insidious ill-conceived agenda of sedition. I for one am in a quandary as to what is going on, let alone what to do about it! Everything seems to be upside down, our sense of proportion, propriety and morality distorted in a mosaic of confusing disorder and contradictions. Everyday, evidence of our path to destruction appears more self-evident, more predetermined, more hopeless. I once mused here, in false bravado, "it's everyman for himself", now only to admit that attitude is probably the crux of the problem! No one appears to be thinking about preserving our country, our society, our way of life.The "I" generation's motto of " me, myself and I, first and foremost", prevails as the order of the day, no matter the circumstances. I can only hope I'm wrong in this dire premonition, proven wrong in an imminent ground swell of indignation and action. Wait for it I keep telling myself, surely it's got to come.....

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