Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Man the Lifeboats

I've reached the conclusion there is no such thing as a "standup politician", standing up for the public's best interest that is. Few if there are, and far in between! For the most part they are all smoke and mirrors, an eighth of an inch deep and a mile wide! Try though they may to portray themselves as dedicated nonpartisan public servants, committed to governing our republic as our constitution intended-, we all know differently. The distinction between the two, public-servant/politician has become blurred in that most public servants of any rank are political appointees! Whatever the prevailing "Administration", their political appointments are candidates of similar political stripe. The prime prerequisite for their selection is their political party affiliation and demonstrated loyalty-, not their skill, expertise and experience in the job to be preformed. Consequently when push comes to shove in the execution of their public service duties, their accountability to we the people gets shaded in their political biases and patron loyalties! Witness our current round of hearings on suspected government malfeasance, it's a parade of inept partisan politicians masquerading as dedicated nonpartisan public-servant administrators, bent on shielding their politician patrons from harm's way at all cost! Our bloated government has reached new heights of inefficiency in it's patronage practices. Only now having it come to pass, lead by an equally inept celebrity president; favoring big government; socialism over our long lived, highly successful, capitalism driven democracy-, the problem has been exacerbated. A perfect storm that our ship-of-state is now floundering in!

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