Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Addendum to the Foregoing

...for emphasis: If I asked you to name a country and gave you the following clues, what would be your answer?

1. This country's government manipulates the media and doctors released documents to alter the truth
2. This country's government targets specific organizations based on their opposition to the regime in power
3. This country's government spies on its citizens and has the authority to kill them on foreign soil
4. This country's government has taken control of one sixth of the economy and selectively props up certain businesses
5. This country's government rewards its supporters with government positions and rewards those who cast votes for the regime with special programs
6. This country's government passes laws to allow special privileges to those in power that do not apply to ordinary citizens
7. This country's government passes laws that violate its own charter
8. This country's government funnels money to unproven businesses, using unproven technology, based on unproven theories based on their political leanings
9. This country's government lies to its citizens
10. This country's government continues to print money and borrow money despite enormous debt and unsustainable spending
11. This country has porous borders and has been invaded by millions of illegal immigrants who are eligible for social welfare and the regime seeks to legalize them


1. Benghazi
2. the IRS
3. Drone attacks
4. Obamacare, GM, Fanny and Freddy, "Green" businesses
5. Ambassadors, Social Welfare programs
6. Obamacare exemption, insider trading
7. Gun bans and the Second Amendment
8. Solyndra and other "green" technologies, electric cars, wind power
9. The attack was based on a video.......Your health insurance will not be affected.......
10. Record accumulation of debt in the last 5 years, unchecked spending on social programs
11. Studies conclude that even if these immigrants were granted legal status, they would cost more in social programs than they generate in tax revenue

Answer: One would initially suspect the former Soviet Union or perhaps China, but they fail the immigrant test as nobody actually wants to go there. Perhaps one would consider one of the uber-liberal Scandinavian countries, but at least they are financially viable. Then of course there are the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain), but they are so laughably inefficient that they have no money to funnel to anyone. But only one country has slipped so precariously into the category formerly occupied by only the socialist leaning Europeans: the United States of America. Who would have thought that we could have fallen so far, so fast! I have seen the enemy and it is us.

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