Monday, May 6, 2013

President-elect Hillary Clinton

....not again! The appeal of electing our first president of color was not disastrous enough that we now must endure the supposed appeal of electing our first female president for no better reason then her gender? Only the selection of Whoopi Goldberg as her running mate would make this apparent 2016 Democrat nomination for president more absurd! What, she made us so proud as First Lady, as Secretary of State; that the prospect of her husband being First Gentleman, an impeached former president and proven womanizer, for some reason yet more appealing? And her "Miss Piggy" responses at the Banghazi inquires certainly spoke volumes to her inappropriate politics!
This is what it has come to? He or she who gets the most ink, the most notoriety (good or bad), suggests the greatest diversity in ethnicity, morality, skin pigmentation and/or gender gets the prize..., credentials, character, accomplishments be damn! Again, have we become so shallow-, so dumb that we can not fathom the consequences of our actions, our inactions? We as a society, as a nation are going down the tubes, and like the ninnies we are, are standing around in a funk witnessing our own demise?!
Hey as I see it, it's us against them! Them being career politicians in general! If for one minute you think they have our best interest, the countries best interest at heart, you have another thought coming! Their intentions might start off well and good, but once ingrained in the bureaucracy of government, the headiness of celebrity, power and control it affords, they become addicted to yet more celebrity, more power, more control. Along with it, a greater propensity for self indulgence, self preservation-,all to often indiscretions.Their reaction to any suggestion of term limitations and blatantly exempting themselves from rules and regulations they have imposed on their constituents, advises their awareness and tolerance for this deviation. Yes of course there are exceptions to this contention of mine, outstanding exceptions, but in this modern age few and far between! There is a crying need for changes in our political system, term limitation would be an obvious place to start! Being elected to office, should be honor and reward enough in the opportunity to preserve and advance our great American open society-, not an opportunity through guile and patronage to insure a lucrative career in politics. Our founders didn't intend it to be that way! We simply have to exercise greater discretion in choosing our elected officials, go far beyond vicariously serving their political career aspirations in hopes of personal gain; ferret out their hidden agenda that might be contrary to the good of the nation, the preservation of it's citizen's individual liberties and freedoms, and vote accordingly. Yeah right!

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