Friday, May 17, 2013

A Voice From Upon High

Those Conservatives, those Republicans, those Capitalist, those of the Religious Right, those Homophobes, those Pro-lifers, those Chauvinist, those bible thumping, gun totting Red-Necks, those Racist, those Constitutionalist, those old, out of touch Americans, they are ever bent on deterring me from my noble quest -, that of fulfilling my destiny to fundamentally change this flawed United States of America of theirs! I'm trying my best, but my detractors are legion. Even of late my own disciples are failing me in my struggle to stay above the fray! My tireless efforts on behalf of these United States is thwarted at every turn in misunderstanding, disbelief and suspicion. Don't they know I am their redeemer, their savior! "Get with the drill people or I'll rain down the wrath of the IRS upon you-, you poor undeserving, wayward sheep you." That's what I'm hearing!

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