Monday, December 17, 2012

A 2013 Preamble

Just a reminder. Let me once again assure you of my intentions, my informality, my spontaneity in my blogging: 9 out of 10 times when I'm egged on by an email comment, or a request for comment (usually the triggering mechanism for my blogging) I hit the reply icon and spout off! Only when a series of events, circumstances, pent-up angst or incredulity gets the best of me will I interrupt what I'm doing and try to be more erudite in my response. I am not a "professional" blogger or journalist, that should be obvious to you by now, nor do I want to be. I say this to be true to what I said this Blog was all about in the first place; as stated in it's masthead margin-, just venting my conservative spleen here, thus the caveat, in my spontaneity please forgive my wanting spelling, grammar, syntax and creative punctuations. Mea Culpa!

A few baseline comments this near 2013 : Know (as if I had to tell you) although I have zero tolerance for this president or his administration's vision of a United States of America to come, I have infinite confidence in it's citizenry's ability to eventually sort out their seditious intent and take whatever corrective action necessary! Maybe not as rapidly as I'd like, but in due course. Admittedly although that confidence took a major hit this election past, I do sense a palpable resurgence of we Conservatives trying to regain our footing. If for no other reason than our detractors are uncloaked, their agenda transparent, their ranks identified, their commitment to a socialized America dire and foreboding. My biggest concern of the moment however is the Grand Old Party (GOP) has seemingly given up on it's fiscal conservative agenda and it's partizans and has adapted benign opposition to the liberal Democrat party's determined march toward socialism. In that I have given up on the GOP itself, at least the GOP leadership of the post 2012 elections! I am now desperately seeking a cognitive relationship with a movement, a standard bearer, to rally around, that is equally determined to stem this tide of socialism and reckless fiscal irresponsibility! Come out, come out where ever you are!

In closing: As President Obama said, in so many words he was out to fundamentally change America, and to date proven true to his word. By the same token, our intent and purpose must be to return America to it's original fundamentals! Time to close our ranks you patriotic albeit hyphenated Americans no matter your ancestry, and be heard at every level of government. Preserve our United States of America, our ambitions for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness-, here in the land of the free and home of the brave!To be redundant: we must always keep in mind President Obama and his administration's endgame, that of our country's transformation from capitalism to socialism! We must constantly be aware of their faints and deceptions to lead us to believe otherwise! Once our economic engine is stifled, our free enterprise system thwarted, our society at odds with one-another we will fail to flourish and prosper-, our Republic's legend written! They know how easily distracted we are, how naive and gullible we can be, how our benevolence can be used against us-, and are persistent in taking advantage of those foibles. The major obstacle to their effort, our Constitution! An early warning to us all that sedition is afoot, is when our Constitution is challenged, misinterpreted, attempts to amended it! Read it, live it! It is our life line!

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