Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook and the UASS

This Sandy Hook tragedy has us all scratching our heads, and asking what's happening to us? Careful it's not just us, it is a world wide penchant for all sorts of premeditated and spontaneous mayhem. With us it is exacerbated by endless media coverage of subjective amateur sociologist and hidden agenda talking -heads! We simply don't want to admit our morality, our lack of godliness, our lack of discipline, our failure at parenting and educating, our lethargy has fostered a mindless deviate element of our society. We look to control the club, the knife, the gun, the whatever the instrument of potential death and destruction (D&D), more than I could mentioned here or anywhere! Yes, impose stringent qualification on possessing those instruments of D&D not unlike the automobile, the ultimate instrument of death and destruction, as well as punish those violating those rules and regulations swiftly to the full extent of the law. But know the root mean cause of any form of mayhem is the human psyche! We have to do something fundamental to altering the course we are on! Which brings me to my oft stated premise:

....We have lowered the bar, educationally, culturally, morally! We have degraded success socially, politically, as well as commercially. We have divided our once nationally united citizenry in to bickering factions. And, in doing so have curbed our ambitions, our appetite for hard work, risk taking, our independence, our tolerance for competition and adversity, our self reliance. As a result we have become soft, compliant and dependent. All the things that once made us, as a nation exceptional, have been superseded by a seemingly compelling survival attitude of "go-along-to- get-along" lethargy, fostered by a socialist bent government as both benefactor and beneficiary. Our model Europe, our narrative socialism! What will it take to snap us out of this funk? You recent immigrants to this country, is this what you came here for, more of what you were escaping from? Once the government dole can no longer be sustained and it's recipients have reached critical mass, our once prosperous, self reliant, capitalism driven Republic will devolve slowly, and I suspect violently, to a socialism quagmire. Welcome to the UASS (how appropriate); the certain to be, not so united, United American Socialist States. How does that sound to you, UASS! 

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