Monday, December 24, 2012

Do I hear the fat lady singing?

Are any officials in this administration ever responsible for mismanagement, for blunders, for errors in judgement? Is it always the fault of their distant underlings, mitigating circumstances, or their predecessors? Ever since the advent of this President, the master of deniability, the artful dodger, has this deflection become so prevalent. For instance he laid the Fast and Furious gun debacle on the Justice Dept. , the Attorney General in-turn passes the blame down the line to the next plausible suspect; he identified the State Dept. as being at fault in the Libyan Consulate incident, after suggesting at great length it was rightly precipitated by an insult to Mohammed, the Secretary of State cites other agencies as culpable. This pass-the-buck ploy has gone on through out his administration's tenure. No official of significant stature is ever held accountable, and if by chance is so tarnished in association with a disaster and forced to resign his or her post-, is left to carry on elsewhere in the regime. Insidious!

P.S. And as the machinations of this election past are reveled, our loss becomes more painful. It wasn't because Romney lost the Independents, thought to be the lynch pin in favorably securing the election, because come to find out he didn't. And it wasn't because Obama captured the full measure of his base as he did; that was a given, a conceded point from the get go. What essentially caused our defeat was: a) Romney's base, our base, did not get out the vote anticipated, the Republican vote advised by the mid-term elections and McCain's turn-out in '08; and b) the unaligned, the uninformed the unidentifiable and consequently untargeted, less than10% of the electorate, did us in! Those citizens among us, who vote, but are uninformed of the issues at stake and/or don't care, saw President Obama as above the fray, an outsider like themselves and voted accordingly. Don't take my word for it, read one of your own house organs, Time magazine. In designating President Obama "Man of the Year", Time advised his garnering of this fugitive uninformed segment of the electorate was the reason for their selection; Obama's ascension to a second term! A case of a minuscule, undetected minority dictating the outcome of the election, the fate of our nation! A minority we could have easily overcome if we just got the support from our own base! Now in the aftermath we can only fault our selves. We were on the brink of a decisive win and blew it! And yes, it was equally apparent, it would have helped if we better excite our base in moving more to our conservative right in our rhetoric, more Tea Party like in our demonstrations and commitments, more vitriolic in sounding the alarm that our country is going down the tubes! We had the potential votes, at least for the moment; we had candidates of merit to lead us. What we didn't have when push came to shove was the actual votes from our own less-than-faithful party. They simply did not show up! Shame on us. If we don't get our collective selves together and soon, my fellow Americans, my fellow patriots, I can hear the fat lady cueing up in the wings for our swan song!

To lend to my further angst: John Kerry as Secretary of State! What, he didn't do enough damage as the Senator from Massachusetts, to his state, to his country, that we are going to let him try his hand at what he can do to the United States on the international stage? I keep telling myself, try though they may, I will not let these people ruin my Christmas!!

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