Thursday, December 20, 2012

Coming Attractions

Michigan joins 23 other states in passing a so called right to work Law and predictably the union thugs took to the streets! Know I'm not against labor laws that defends workers from unscrupulous employers, however I am against unions that create a fiefdom of dictatorial control, nepotism, deceit and political manipulation to gain unjust rewards. Unions have been gasping for air in recent years in the private sector while thriving in the public sector. Why do you suppose that is? Politics plain and simple. An unholy alliance if their ever was one; a tolerated conflict of interest that has benefited government employees inordinately over those of their private sector brethren. Unions, as are Robber Barons, a thing of the past. Labor laws now prohibit misconduct in the employee/employer relationship. Unions have abused their originally intended purpose, that of giving their members solidarity in approaching their employers for fair compensation and treatment for their contribution to the enterprise's success! Today's unions, most of them that is, have an agenda that seeks far more than fair compensation and treatment from the employee's employer, they demand compensation for their political preferences, and biases, their managerial excesses through coercion. These right to work laws strike right at the heart of that union control by giving the employee the right not to join the union. So gird your loins people, it's us against them. If you think the union leaders are more willing to give up their exsorbinate salaries, benefit packages, than those on welfare and other recipients of government entitlements of one kind or another you've got another thing coming! It's going to be a hot time in the ole US of A come summer 2013!

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