Saturday, December 1, 2012

Liberal Celebration Continues

I think my head is going to explode.  First I get Steve Inskeep, he of NPR, interviewing a Republican senator trying to get him to admit that the Republicans are willing to compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff by allowing tax rates to go up for the rich.  After the Senator remarked that raising tax rates would be disastrous for the economic recovery, he explained that a small business owner that makes 300 to 400 thousand dollars per year would be unlikely to invest in their business when faced with such a tax increase. Inskeep chimed in that he failed to see how a mere 1200 dollars would have any effect on hiring or business expansion for someone making that much money. Huh?  I am thoroughly convinced that liberals can't do simple math.  I keep hearing of tax rates that will jump 3 to 5% in addition to the punitive Obamacare "surcharge" of 3.8% for the "wealthy" making more than $250000.  By my calculations, that amount comes out to alot more than 1200 dollars, Mr. Inskeep.  3.8% of 400000 dollars is $15200, and even if you apply the suggestion that only the amount above 250K is taxed, it still amounts to $5700, hardly pocket change. But what's a few percentage points amongst the redistributionists? And if you recall, the "rich" are already paying at rates such that the top 5% are paying nearly 60% of the taxes, despite making only 32% of the salary, and you still think that they need to pay a "little bit more" to pay their "fair share" then you are significantly math impaired. And stupid.  How about the 144 million not paying any taxes at all.  Think maybe they could come up with a couple of bucks and help us out, or as Obama likes to say, get some "skin in the game"? Because even to the uninitiated, it appears that the "rich" are getting skinned.

Then I hear old Lincoln Chafee, the current governor and previously failed Senator of the dysfunctional state of Rhode Island ranting at Bill O'Reilly, a world class ranter himself,  defending his politically correct, renamed "Holiday Tree"in front of the State House in Providence.  He even resorted to calling Fox News an "angry" network, as if that isn't just preaching the party line. He should have added "old white men" to complete the generalization.  Now, if Mr. Chafee only had one-half the veritas of his father, I would consider listening to his opinions.  Otherwise, in a state where over half of the population is employed by the state itself, I suspect that the inmates are already running that asylum. 

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