Sunday, December 30, 2012

Same ole, same ole this near 2013

I say again we've learned nothing from those once bastions of european democracy mired in the dogma of socialism, the likes of  Greece, France, Great Britain, all floundering in insolvency; dictated to by a burgeoning welfare state perpetuating, through the ballot box ineffectual government to assure it's maintenance! It's immigrants no longer seeking refuge from political and religious oppression; aspiring for freedom and opportunity, but rather the gain of welfare benefits and entitlements. And we, the leaders of the free world tracking along, trading our economic strength, our security for perceived needed reform of the world's most envied standard of living, liberties and freedoms! What are we thinking!

I keep hearing, ad nauseam:..... " You Conservatives just don't know how to get your message across to the electorate.Your politicians  simply can't articulate the dire straights our country is in that will resonates with the populous.You cite statistics, historical data, and precedence framed in what you perceive as blatant liberal Democrat demagoguery. Don't you understand It's the social issues they want addressed; leaders they want, who will expeditiously put those issues into play....." I'll give you that my naysayer Republican brethren, but only in your understanding that the major problems our country is facing are not those of social reform but rather of a national crises-, those issues of: insolvency, unemployment, a faltering economy, the threat of crippling inflation, to say nothing of pending international chaos! Sure, gay rights, abortions, tax inequities, immigration law, welfare reform and a host of other social itches, all deserve a scratch in the scheme of our democratic morals . But, understand if all of those social issues were to be resolved in one fell swoop our country would still be facing those catastrophic unresolved national dilemmas. We have been manipulated into taking our eye off the ball by clever and devious politicians. As said here before we fiddle while America burns! The selfless patriotic American of yesterday has been significantly supplanted by the selfish, self-serving American-, we are the "iAmericans" of the 21st century, as well as those would be immigrant citizens of illegal status!! Wouldn't our forefathers be proud! 

Where are those irate pre-election conservative politicians? What, you stubbed your toe, and are just going to go away and sulk! Where is the strength in your convictions; who are our champions ready and willing to pick up our fallen banner, our tattered Constitution and fight on! Where are our young lions? I would like to see a pride of them form a coalition of outspoken conservative thinkers to meet this President and his administration at every level of their liberal/socialistic agenda! Where are you, who are you? Why can't the GOP, our Conservatives' current standing party of record, identify and anoint them accordingly!  And don't tell me McConnell and Boehner as our ranking Republican office holders are going to lead us out of this quagmire. We need some one of Lincolnesque stature and presence to take the helm; someone who is highly visible, motivated, and engaged in the preservation of all things once held near and dear to we Americans-, not a posturing politically correct operative, who comes out of the woodwork every four years, and certainly not a watered down so called Independent! I for one wish Romney would have stayed on at the very least to lead and organize the Republican party's conservative faction in some ex officio capacity, to stay the course, to remain engaged. We want our country back, who is going to lead us in doing it-, anyone? Why is it that we fail to comprehend this President and his administration's ideology supersedes our national interest, they do not buy into our free enterprise system, our unalienable rights for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness unencumbered by an oppressive all regulating government; they are committed socialist's bent on spending and taxing us into submission!

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