Monday, December 31, 2012

Are we tacitly admitting Obama is an unstoppable force?

Fiscal stagnation, political stalemate, no compromise in sight the headlines read! The President advises the usual suspects are at fault, the rich not wanting to pay their fair share; the perceived fat cat industrialists and financiers profiting on the backs of the working class ( save for, the Democrat fat cat industrialists and financiers that is), those uncompromising Republicans! But, nary a word of those on the government payroll or dole taking less, spending less on behave of their in place subsides and entitlements; reducing our bloated government ranks to that same end; curtailing our government regulations and taxation that is stifling our economic progress; get more of our overly dependent citizens paying their fair share; stimulate more jobs in the private sector... no, nary a word! The hue and cry from this administration,"tax more, spend more!" What financial cliff, it's the highway to socialism's nirvana! If there ever was a president that we the people empowered to fulfill his perceived destiny of transforming this United States of America to a socialist state, it is President Barack Hussain Obama. Just look at what we have created, he talks down to us in a condescending authoritative tone, treating us like the sheep we have demonstrated to be! No I don't feel I'm being disrespectful to my country in being disrespectful to it's president, not when that president has desecrated my revered country in his avowed commitment to fundamentally change it's constitutional concepts of life, liberty and freedom! I keep repeating myself, but why can't we get it through our thick skulls that President Obama won't agree to any serious cuts in spending, any reductions in entitlements or ever consider any meaningful compromises to mitigate their financial impact-, it's contrary to his ideology! So get on with it, muster up our resolve, stick to our principals, appraise our situation intelligently and devise a plan that best serves American, the American people for the long haul. But please, you supposed leaders of ours, tell us precisely and with conviction what that plan is, so that we can all be on the same page! Again, we do have a plan don't we? Please don't tell us we must look solely to the conservative media to glean purpose and direction for political guidance! Who is our politician spokesmen, articulating our plan, garnering our support, our obvious and dedicated Obama counterpart! I say again, we are in desperate need of something, someone to rally around this 2013.

A horrible backdrop of things to come: Always remember the fate of the city from whence he came, the political culture of his formative years, the "Shining City by the Lake" Chicago!  Chicago with the highest murder rate in the country, one of the worst school systems, state pension fund $78 billion in dept. Sales Tax 10.25%, burgeoning welfare dependents! Chicago, in a state run from top to bottom through the city's administration by liberal, socialist leaning Democrats. Their worst dilemma not a Republican in sight,or was there ever,to blame these woes on!  

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