Monday, December 3, 2012

Jamie's False God

It astonishes me to no end that liberals all suspect that they are some kind of intellectual elite as opposed to we conservatives, that we poor simpletons have no appreciation of President Obama's peerless leadership, his grasp of our socioeconomic woes and his plans for their correction! When in reality (there is that word again) it's the liberal's intellect that should be brought into question in their failure to do the math, to see the disastrous results of this President's failed polices. Once more to borrow from Patrick Henry: have eyes but don't see; have ears but don't hear! After a lifetime of being fed socialist fodder, the liberals all fall into lockstep with whatever the socialist's call to arms is: tax the rich, pay their fair share, war on women, pro-choice etc, etc, whatever dumbed down slogan and contrived social inequality the socialist propagandist offer is taken as gospel despite evidence to the contrary. No better example of failed liberal/socialist policies exist than the current plight of France, whose national health care, weak immigration laws and Keynesian government policies have propelled debt beyond comprehension with an ever-increasing percentage of GDP. Oppressive taxation of the rich is leading to their flight and the definition of rich is creeping into the middle class as national debt continues to climb. Yet our liberal cadre insists that can't happen to us, Obama wouldn't let it! Oh contraire, yes it will, and it's Obama who is greasing the rails for it's fruition! You pathetic fools, what have you wrought! And you Jamie Foxx, who has proclaimed President Obama a deity, are destined for a rude awakening-, as are we all.

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