Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What Are We Waiting For?!

Our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, such beautiful instruments! They proclaimed such lofty ambitions for our fledgling nation, assuring such unbridled freedom to it's citizens. And how about Emma Lazarus's poem "The Colossus", emblazoned on our Statue of Liberty, so inspiring, so welcoming to those then seeking refuge from poverty and oppression with but the promise of freedom and opportunity. In turn see what this nation and it's citizens accomplished in that freedom and opportunity-, like no other on the face of the earth! Yet here we are at the threshold of pissing it all away! How many of you have even read those documents, that poem?How many of you have been inspired to unshakable patriotism by the meaning of those words alone, not many apparently! I cringe in disappointment that I've yet to hear a ground swell of indignation over proposed legislation to further push America to the left, toward socialism. All I hear is talk of compromise, when their is no compromise in our detractors! Don't you get it, they have seized the moment and intend to run roughshod over us! We seem to be sitting here in a stupor waiting for the inauguration with some kind of blind hope that something miraculous is going to happen. 

Could any of us have foreseen a government aggressively soliciting membership in it's welfare dole, in it's entitlement gifting on one end, while taxing it's citizens into government dependency on the other! A diabolical plan of "Catch 22" destined to create a critical mass of haves and have nots sure to go nuclear in civil unrest! All while insane government spending goes on unabated! Harvey Mansfield of Harvard of all places put the results of our election most succinctly, they voted for dependency, for lack of ambition and for insolvency! Can this be seen as anything other than a death wish by our country, our society, our government! We've got to get a grip somewhere along the line here! Understand you nincompoops the primary objective of this President is Socialism, plain and simple, and his tactics to that end are wealth redistribution, expanded government bureaucracy, government dependency, government spending in the 50% range of the GDP, stifling America's economic engine, stirring the pot of dissension and division for political gain, whatever, wherever!

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