Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sad, but apparently true

I was called out recently for my comments referencing our voting demographics, saying they were divisive! I quote: "Aren't we all Americans first and foremost, deemed: created equal by our Declaration of Independence, only to have you point out our biases, our preferences categorized statistically in such a fashion to imply otherwise".(?) I'd like nothing more than have those statistics as presented prove otherwise, but they simply don't! and mind you they are not my statistics! We apparently not only vote our everyday acceptable variety of preferences and biases, but we also vote by our, not so flattering unacceptable ethnic and color prejudices! Surprisingly Caucasians, now identified as White for some reason, are seemingly more tolerant than Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and the statistical category, Others, when it comes to ethnic and color preferences. One can rationalize this result to a degree in the knowledge, Whites, the Caucasians,are the dominate majority of our electorate (72% although declining at a rapid rate), if it were not for the minorities so disproportionately voting either in favor of ethnicity or color, or heaven forbid are simply accused of prejudice against Caucasians/Whites. And we are not talking within the margin of error here. For instance the President garnered 93% of the Black vote, 70% of the Hispanic vote, 74% of the Asian vote. So I don't know what to tell you other than-, make of it what you will, but that's what the numbers are leading us to believe.The magnitude of the preference to be kind, is what makes it so damning! It just would be too coincidental to be other than race driven. As I commented once before our great melting pot appears to have boiled over! Ironically more apparent since our first president of color took office.

And by the way: Why the race designations of Black and White in the first place,when their vast membership are neither black or white in color. As I understand, it at one time their was no specific color distinction. If your skin tone was dark you could be of a number of ethnic groups and you were not distinguished by the shade i.e beige, okra, tan, brown, ebony, etc. So where did Black come from! We all know don't we! It's the preference of the once Negro designation for those of African decent for Black as opposed to Negro because of it's close connotation to the disparaging "N" word. and that in itself makes sense! But why White for those Caucasians, isn't it's close connotation to the disparaging "W" word, at least equally insensitive in the same context? Now there in my estimation is a contrived divisiveness built into our American lexicon that is as intentionally dividing as it can get! For what purpose are Polish-Americans, Lebanese-Americans, French-Americans, Italian- American, Irish-Americans etc. lumped into this White demographic? Does it not smack of a divisive agenda? " It's just a generalization", yeah right! I'm sure the social engineers and statisticians would advise otherwise. I'm just saying.

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