Saturday, December 1, 2012

Doomsday Clock

I'm throughly convinced reality will trump the promises of the utopian socialist state this President and his administration wish for us. The question how much reality will it take before that happens? An appropriate analogy: When one's bills are not payed, debts are not honored, yet the debtor blithely goes about his or her own business feeling immune and/or undeterred by retribution, reality is never fully appreciated. Not until the debt collector is at your door demanding payment, the repossessor towing your car away and you find yourself on the street, does reality really sink in! When our government taxes it's citizens until the burden is rebuked, prints currency to the threshold of the dollar having but marginal value, expands upon and extends its welfare provisions, defaults on it's loans, inflation runs rampant, civil unrest palpable and destructive; where along this path will we see the reality of our situation and say enough and take evasive action? By the look of things it better be sooner then later! Remember during the election they had that doomsday clock ticking toward our record, untenable 17 trillion dollar deficit, the deficit President Obama had no plan to slow let alone set back (at least not in our life time) well it's still ticking! 

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