Friday, November 30, 2012

The Irrational Won The Day Hands Down!

Now in the wake of the elections, how can anyone in hindsight conclude President Obama had a better plan for America than that of Governor Romney? In the result of the election alone did we see the usual surge of confidence when the die had decidedly been cast, manifested in economic, social, and international indicators? Have we seen any indication we have turned the corner on our national distractions as President Obama has professed?Have we learned nothing other than showering enough gifts on the thought to be disenfranchised minorities of the electorate that they will vote for you no matter what your ulterior motives might be! The Obama campaign was not so much brilliant as it was diabolical in playing to our selfish weakness'. Who would have thought, least of all Mitt Romney that such a puny opponent in stature, proven accomplishment, and credentials, to say nothing of running against precedence would win the day, albeit was President of the United States of America! To the rational it was a mismatch from the getgo. But isn't the keyword word here rational, who could have accounted for the irrational-,not any of us, that's for sure! We became tangled footed in social issues that were inconsequential in the scheme of our real threatening national challenges, but apparently not so to the irrational!

You must grow tired of my incessant Obama bashing, but know, as I've said before I see him as the anti-Christ to all things I feel American holy! I grow impatient for someone to pickup the Romney/Ryan banner, that resonated with me, and run with it! Must we wait another four years for someone to come out of the woodwork to champion our cause? I don't think America has that kind of time!

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